CFO Program Summary

Companies that enroll in our CFO As You Grow program do so for a minimum of one year. In our experience, it takes at least a year of consistent, disciplined effort to achieve long lasting results.

One of the greatest barriers to small business growth lies in owners who can not let go of day-to-day operations for fear things won't get done right. The CFO As You Grow Program puts "expert" feedback systems and indicators in place so owners can still know what's going on without having to be intimately involved with every detail of their operation. Much like sitting at the "dashboard" of a car - you won't have to lift the hood every five minutes to see if the engine is still running right. This program also lays an ideal foundation for more advanced, technology-based management information systems that most growing companies adopt over time.

And finally, having a solid performance-based incentive program can also help attract and retain high quality people to your organization. These systems create a culture of measured accountability for team members and provide a mechanism for rewarding superior performance.