Car Analogy To Explain Our Approach

50+ years ago, before the time of computer chips and advanced electronics, aside from the oil and fuel indicators, often times the first sign of a problem came when a car actually broke down.

Now-a-days cars have computerized early warning systems or "expert" feedback systems that tell owners of any pending problems well in advance. Some systems are even sophisticated enough to prompt us about preventive maintenance. All we have to do is monitor our dashboard indicators to see if we are on track or not.

Just like a car, your business needs "expert" feedback systems to tell you when things are running smoothly; systems that warn you about pending problems and keep you on track with preventive maintenance. Unfortunately most businesses are still run like cars of the past, with a limited amount of information about their company's performance. Generally speaking the information is limited to financial statements that are 30-90 days old.

Often times, this results with owners being forced to make critical decisions about their company's future without the necessary relevant information. It's a little like driving down the road with the windshield covered up; you can see where you've been, maybe get a sense of where you are, but not where you're going.

Our CFO As You Grow program includes a five-step approach to help you develop "expert" information feedback systems specific to the type of business vehicle you drive. This feedback creates a direct link between financial and non-financial indicators as well as how each department and individual performs in relation to your overall company objectives.

Specifically we seek to identify, monitor and help you improve Key Performance Indicators relating to the four primary areas of business, Marketing/Sales, Management, Operations, and Finance. Under each of these headings there are specific activities that, if fully leverage, will optimize your company's performance.